What to eat in Canada

Canada is one of the most interesting countries in the world thanks to its mixture of cultures, especially North American and French, which more or less influence the different corners of the country. This mixture can also be appreciated in its gastronomy, which achieves spectacular dishes with a combination of flavors and textures that is very particular.

Each region of Canada has its own culinary and gastronomic traditions, always using the best of local products to achieve more special dishes that are very characteristic of each area. Thanks to this diversity, a very wide , varied and striking gastronomy is achieved since local products are joined by details of other gastronomies such as Chinese, Italian or Caribbean.

The best typical dishes

In the different cities and regions you can find their own specialties. In Quebec is where there is more French influence in the kitchen, highlighting dishes such as meatloaf, fish soups, roasted beans, cretonne, broad beans with bacon or pancakes with maple syrup. In the British Columbia area, dishes such as salmon with spider crab, arctic char, beef steaks or roast lamb stand out. In the northern part of the country, the most typical are gray pollock and Arctic trout.

In the coastal areas, the main specialties have shellfish and fish as protagonists, such as scallops, oysters, lobsters or clams. In Ontario, you should try any dish that has pumpkin, corn, apple, or blueberries.

Also many desserts

Typical desserts usually combine sweets with fruits to achieve exquisite flavors that are very typical of the gastronomy of this country. The most famous are maple syrup (used, for example, in pancakes) or maple syrup, which is more often used in pancakes.

And for drink…

Among the most traditional drinks, beer stands out, which is the most consumed in the whole country. If you want to taste good wines, the best ones are those from the British Columbia and Ontario areas. If you are in Toronto, most typically ice wine (icewine), which is obtained from grapes are pressed in a frozen state and which is produced naturally.