Travel to the Beiras region in Portugal

There is the perception that the only region that Portugal exploits for tourism is the Algarve, but it is a big mistake, and it is that although it is not so well known, it is still attractive and beautiful, as is the Beiras region. The city of Coimbra is one of its centers of tourist interest, and although it is not the capital of Portugal, it can boast of being one of the Portuguese cities that has the greatest Historical Artistic Heritage.

Going through the Beiras region and not passing through the city of Coimbra would not make much sense, since its University, which was founded in 1,290, and the Santa Clara Convent are a must. Less than 60 kilometers from Coimbra is the city of Aveiro with its canals, for something it is known as the “Venice of Portugal” .

If you want to enjoy nature, in the Beiras it is also possible, first with the Bussaco Park , and in a more majestic way with the Serra da Estrela , where the highest point in all of peninsular Portugal is located, the 1,993 meters that it has tower. The highest peak in Portugal is in Las Azores, on the island of Pico with the Montanha do Pico -2,351 meters- on the Island of Pico.

In the Beiras region, the most artistically characteristic are the porcelains from Vista Alegre , which are born in the town of Ílhavo, and this is where the Vista Alegre porcelain factory is located. If we talk about gastronomy, we must mention the kid, and especially the “Da serra” cheese , which is made from sheep’s milk in the Serra da Estrela.