Discover the Chinese city of Qingdao

Tourism in Asia has grown tremendously in recent years, probably thanks to the increasing influence that oriental culture is having on the rest of the world. China is one of the countries that attracts the most tourism from people who visit the Asian continent, although many people do not know beyond Beijing and a couple of other cities that are very famous.

Today I would like to write about a Chinese city that is not well known but is worth visiting as it is very interesting: Qingdao . It is a port city in eastern Shandong province. It is a very developed and large city that has many bridges since it has several rivers, so with them the different points of the city are connected. All these bridges are also due to the fact that Qingdao used to be three cities , but they came together and now it is only one.


Places of interest

Among the most interesting that you can discover in this city is the Lao Shan shrine , which is actually 40 km away, on Laoshan Mountain, a place considered sacred and very important for Taoist pilgrims. Zhanshan Temple is one of the most interesting Buddhist temples in the province, and St. Michael’s Cathedral is also very interesting. Other places worth visiting are the May 4th Square, Ba Da Guan (a neighborhood colonized by the Germans), the Zhong Shan Park, the Muelloe Zhan or the famous Tsingtao Brewery.



The climate in the city is usually very pleasant all year round, and neither the summers are very hot nor the winters very cold, so on a purely tourist level it is very interesting to visit any day. The most famous beers in the country are made here, which are also exported to many countries. Qingdao is twinned with several cities in the world, including Bilbao.