Estoril: a destination to disconnect for the weekend

Today we are going to continue talking about destinations that can be visited in a weekend or on a bridge in front of the next ones that are fixed in the calendar. And, again, we return to Portugal because it is a country that is close and can be reached by different means of transport, having generally good communications and connections. Within it, there are towns like Estoril , which are tiny, but have a lot of charm . It is, in fact, an ideal destination to go for a weekend or three days and disconnect completely and recharge .

To do

One of the options that Estoril offers is to enjoy its coastal area . In autumn and winter you cannot always enjoy the beach due to the temperatures, but you can either take a short walk or enjoy its surroundings .

For example, in the most central beach of the town there is a restaurant area and bars to eat delicious fish and enjoy a varied cuisine while being by the sea.

Apart from the coastal area, there are also other enclaves to see and enjoy. Among the most important is the Estoril Casino , which is also located near the coastal part and in the main square of the city.

The advantage of this casino is that it does not have restricted entry so it can be accessed, in general, without problems, although it should be noted that the management reserves the right of admission if a dress code is not followed, which is not too much strict.

Interesting visits are also the neighborhoods of Sao Pedro and Sao Joao, where there are fortresses facing the sea and from which there are beautiful views from the beaches. Of course, do not forget to go to the artificial caves of Alapria , which make up a small Neolithic necropolis.


And, for those who are more enthusiastic about activity or sports, Estoril offers good possibilities with its speed circuit where motorcycling tests are carried out. It is also a top 10 destination for golfing .