Lisbon: routes for a weekend

Lisbon is a city that is common to go to on more than one occasion because, the truth is, it makes you fall in love a lot. It is not lacking in attractions for this due to the monuments and history, but also because of the charm of all its neighborhoods, which allow you to wander and lose yourself in its establishments, some of which are very modern and avant-garde . If you do not have much time to be in this capital, we are going to propose some routes and places to see to enjoy a weekend or a long weekend in this Portuguese city.

The tour

Lisbon is a city that is easy to get to, whether by car, train, bus or plane. And, once you are there, the possibilities that this city offers are endless because it is a perfect symbiosis between nature , heritage , sea , history and a rich gastronomy that, above all, is known for the cod and the Belem cakes. .

The route can begin perfectly in the center of the Portuguese capital, known as La Baixa , to explore its streets on foot or by tram. A must is to go down its central streets until you reach the banks of the Tagus .

The tour should also take you to the neighborhoods of Alfama and Chiado , having to go through its main axis, which is Rua Augusta , which leads to the Plaza del Comercio , which is one of the most popular and visited in the capital.

Within the Alfama neighborhood, you should not miss points of tourist interest due to its history, such as the ruins of the Castelo de Sao Jorge . It is a very endearing area for its local markets and alleys where the spirit of authentic Lisbon is lived.

Chiado area, is the time to enjoy the culture and local and cutting – edge sites or Bohemians. There is no shortage of cafes, bookstores and other establishments around art, which have a lot of charm. And all this in some sloping streets, which are also typical of this part of the city where there are places like the Elevador de Santa Justa .

And, to end the tour, you can go to the Barrio Alto , where there are many bars to have a drink and talk. The next day, the weekend in Lisbon can end in the Belém area to see the Jerónimos or the Torre de Belém.