Very tourist cities for their typical products

famous cities
When it comes to sightseeing , one usually looks for destinations with good beaches, mountain or green areas for those who seek contact with nature, capitals that have history … But there are also other options for sightseeing. And one of them is to visit the cities that are famous for other reasons . That is, those that are well known worldwide because they have given the name to a renowned product . It is another way of doing tourism, which can be very interesting because, in addition, they are quite curious places. Here we make some proposals, although we already anticipate that some capitals are "very tasty."


Cognac is a town between Bordeaux and La Rochelle. Obviously, with this name, it is easy to associate it with cognac . And so it is. It is an exact link because this type of brandy is made with grapes from this region from which it has taken its name and which is internationally known for this drink.

Obviously, in it, it is interesting to visit the wineries and the different vineyards to learn everything about this world-famous brandy, since in this region of France there are cognac brands such as Camus, Rémy Martin, Hennessy or Courvoisier.

It is very interesting to know the entire production process and how the limestone soil gives the grapes a unique quality and peculiarities to which we must also add the own distillation process, which comprises two years in oak barrels .

famous cities
In addition to touring wineries and vineyards, Cognac has other attractions. The tourist can visit its old town which is quite curious, as well as walk the streets and boulevards of the expansion.


And another option for tourism linked to a food product is Modena. This Italian town is the one that gives its name to the well-known Vinegar of Modena , which is popular throughout the world.

Modena, which is located near towns such as Parma or Bologna, offers the possibility of visiting the companies that are dedicated to the production of this vinegar , which has become the main economic engine of this Italian area in which it also has a special I weigh the engine in the hands of Ferrari.

This vinegar, which has nothing to do with the versions found in supermarkets (at least in the most popular ones), is a luxury product, made with a mixture of various red and white wines from different grape varieties . The result is a vinegar with a strong flavor , but slightly sweet , and which is recognized by its dark color and thick texture .

Apart from knowing the secrets of its elaboration, Modena is also worth a visit to discover its old town . You can also visit its surroundings such as Maranello , where Ferrari headquarters are located, and go to the Osteria Franciscana of chef Massimo Bottura, which has been recognized on several occasions as the best restaurant in the world.


The route through the city tour also takes us to Arachon. A seaside town, which is close to Bordeaux. This enclave is known for its oyster beds and, of course, for the others, who have a briny aroma.

For many, this is the source of what are the best oysters in the world for their dense and tasty meat. In addition, it is very rich in vitamins and minerals . Its tasting is a must when visiting this area, and it is advisable to try the different ways in which it is consumed.

In general, it is a bite that is eaten natural , that is to say raw, but it is also possible to put a splash of lemon on it or accompany it with rye bread with butter .

In addition to the oysters, you can also visit the Great Dune of Pilat , which is very close, to see the natural sand pyramid of 109 meters high and from where you can see the entire bay in which the fine sand banks stand out. whitish .