Tips to disconnect when you are on vacation

Holidays are to enjoy, to disconnect and do nothing of what you have been doing throughout the year. I am referring above all to working and thinking about the problems that not only have to do with the job, but also with other concerns that haunt your head and make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

If you really want to take advantage of the holidays to think about nothing more than to relax , I recommend that you pay attention to the advice that I share below.

Forget the mobile

I am not going to tell you to leave your mobile at home because it is very necessary in cases of emergency and it can help you to talk with your friends and family, whom you will miss at some point if you have planned a long vacation. What you should not use it for is to visit websites like Vuela Viajes, unless you need information for your trip, of course. Try to park conversations on WhatsApp and don’t even think about picking up the phone to answer calls or emails that have to do with work. They are your well-deserved vacation and they must respect you.


Skip sharing photos on social media

I know that it is an increasingly widespread fashion and that there are people who cannot help it, but the truth is that to disconnect you have to park the posture. Take photos to show off on vacation if you want, but don’t share them until you’re back. Otherwise you will live with the burden and the need to show all your contacts where you are at all times. Enjoy the trip, vacations fly!

Plan excursions to sites without coverage

The best way not to be tempted is to go to places where there is no coverage. In them you will not be able to use your mobile as much as you want, so it will not take you long to disconnect properly. A good idea in that sense is to plan a getaway to the mountains, since you will reduce your stress levels surrounded by nature, silence and tranquility .


You go to the beach without a watch

Going to the mountains is highly recommended, as is going to the beach without pretense of any kind and without looking at what time it is. Of course, try to avoid the typical beaches that fill up to the flag in summer, since you will not be able to put your mind blank and you will even get nervous if you are touched by the typical neighbors who shout instead of talking or listen to reggaeton at a volume more like a disco.

Think about your well-being

A good way to relax and disconnect has to do with thinking about yourself , with giving yourself that attention that has not been had during the year. To do this, you can hire a massage and do all kinds of things that have to do with pampering yourself.