Hiking in Portugal

Hiking is one of the activities most practiced by lovers of nature and outdoor activities. In Portugal you will find a lot of places where you can go hiking, although it is not usually a destination that is promoted much in this sense, something surprising since it has spectacular places.

In the neighboring country you can combine city tourism with various routes through the best landscapes, so here I leave you the best places to go hiking in Portugal and that you can organize your trip much better. Take note:

Mafra Royal Hunting Reserve : It is northwest of Lisbon and was created by King Jo茫o V as a leisure park for the use and enjoyment of the Royal Family. It has more than 800 hectares and is surrounded by a wall 12 kilometers long. King Ferdinand later installed a farm area to raise horses, although King Louis later converted it back into a game reserve. With the arrival of the Republic it became a National Game Reserve and visitors can go for a walk and observe animals such as foxes, wolves, wild boars, deer, owls or eagles.
Limestone cliffs of the Algarve : It is a wonderful tour that begins in the city of Lagos, one of the oldest in the Algarve. The walks take you to Ponta da Piedade, where you will find incredible landscapes with several cliffs, rocks and caves that will make your walk an unforgettable experience. Along the entire coast you can find not only several hiking routes but also several fishing villages where you can enjoy the beach and excellent Portuguese cuisine.

Alentejo Coast : Starting from Porto Covo you go along this coast thanks to different trails that take you along the Atlantic. On this route you can also enjoy several beaches, cliffs and deserts with spectacular sand dunes. This route ends at the Algarve border, specifically in the town of Odeceixe.