The best beaches in Spain for surfing

Surfing is a sport that more and more people like to practice, and in our country there are really spectacular beaches for it. In fact, many surfers from all over the world choose some of the Spanish beaches to enjoy its waters and practice their favorite sport, and that is because our coasts meet all the requirements to enjoy surfing: wind and big waves .

Two of the Spanish beaches are among the 5 best in Europe for surfing and among the most recommended in the world, so do not spend a fortune to do thousands of kilometers and stay here, you will enjoy for sure. Here are the best beaches in Spain for surfing:

Canary Islands : The best in the whole country thanks to a privileged location, the landscape and the impressive waves that you can find in many of them. The beach of El Confital in Gran Canaria or that of Sotavento in Fuerteventura are the most recommended, in fact, in Fuerteventura one of the most prestigious windsurfing championships is held every year (a sport for which it is also perfect).

Cantabrian : In this area there are many surf schools that every summer teach thousands of tourists how to practice it. Cantabria, Asturias or Euskadi have countless beaches that are perfect for practicing this sport. Some of the best are those of Zarautz in Gipúzkoa (World Championships have been held here thanks to its almost 3 meters of waves), that of Carabia in Asturias or many of the beaches in Cantabria.

Galicia : The best surfers from around the world have visited La Lanzada beach, in Pontevedra, to be able to enjoy its waves of up to 8 meters. The wind changes a lot in this area, which makes each wave a new adventure and it is not known very well where it is going to open or close.