Five paradores to enjoy Spain in a different way

Paradores are a good option to spend a vacation . Normally, they are destinations that are not overcrowded, which now, with COVID-19, is causing many people to opt for this type of accommodation. In Spain, there are multiple options, being open -at least officially-, since last June 25. In addition, there are new establishments that are well worth visiting, with options for all tastes.

The novelty

Among the novelties that there is this year in paradores, the one on the Costa da Morte stands out . As its name suggests, it is located in this area of ​​the country. Specifically, in Muxía , in Praia de Lourido.

This parador is a building with a new plant and contemporary architecture, which is characterized by having been built on different levels, thus adapting to the topography of the natural slope. Of course, the breathtaking sea views are not to be missed.

In the islands

In the Spanish islands there are also paradores. For example, among the best options is the Parador de La Gomera , located on this Canarian island. The building maintains the aesthetics of the Colombian era . Among its attractions are the rooms, the pool and the garden where you can see subtropical species.

Another alternative to consider is the Parador de La Palma , which is also defined by preserving the typical Canarian architecture. In addition to the excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean , its garden with fruit trees and native plants stands out.

Continuing with the islands, it is also worth talking about the Parador de Cruz de Tejada , which is 35 kilometers from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A building that is surrounded by nature and that is located at more than 1,500 meters of altitude .

Other options

Another of the best paradores in Spain is Corias . Located in Cangas del Narcea , in Asturias , it is a monastery that has been declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument.