Get to know Area 51

Area 51
There are those who say that Area 51 is not just a piece of desert, but a place that is worth a visit considering how mysterious it is. Area 51 is actually a piece of US government land that occupies about 95 kilometers north of Las Vegas , Nevada. The name supposedly comes from a denomination that appeared on an old map.

Inside Area 51 is the Air Force base . It is known that the site was chosen in the mid-50s, to test the U-2 spy plane, due to its remoteness and the presence of a dry lake for landings. In addition, the base has been a traditional testing ground for the latest generation of secret aircraft . Also, it is known for having the longest runway for airplanes in the world.
We have all heard those stories that even with the passage of time have not been confirmed. Do you know what stories we mean? Most are rumors related to UFOs and captured aliens. Since about 1989, many tourists have come to the public area to explore it and try to find some mysterious evidence.

This is quite dangerous since if you transfer to the military zone you can be arrested and fined about $ 600. There are security forces that patrol the military border. You cannot be closer than 25 kilometers from the base. For those who love alien stories and conspiracies , Area 51 has become a symbol for many travelers.