Get to know Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the most important countries on the African continent . With a culture dating back thousands of years and the gift of natural beauty, Zimbabwe is capable of delighting anyone. Long ago, the country was known as Southern Rhodesia. Its name was changing and it happened to be Rhodesia to Zimbabwe Rhodesia. The country is currently known as the Republic of Zimbabwe.

In 1987, Mugabe reformed the Constitution and abolished certain political positions to form an executive presidential system. There have been several uprisings against the rule of the government, as it has always been assumed that elections take place through bad practices such as fraud. Zimbabwe is located in the extreme south-east of Africa. The country lies between two African rivers, the Zambezi and the Limpopo .
The total area of Zimbabwe occupies a total of 390,580 square kilometers of which 3,910 square kilometers are covered by bodies of water and 386,670 square kilometers are flat land. The land is made up of a rich diversity of terrain in the form of savanna grasslands, forests, granite mountains, wastelands, rivers, and lush green fertile plains.
Zimbabwe has always been known as a rich source of ivory and gold. Even today, abundant mines of gold, copper, iron ore, nickel, platinum, lithium, etc. can be found on its lands. It has a moderate tropical climate . The heaviest rains occur between November and March year after year. It is clear that Zimbabwe is a perfect destination for the most adventurous to discover.