Visit Sian Ka’an in the Riviera Maya

Mexico is an authentic natural paradise with a lot of impressive places that you can visit, especially all those that make up the Riviera Maya . One of these places is Sian Ka’an , a biosphere reserve that in 1987 was declared a World Heritage Site, so it becomes one of the mandatory Mexican destinations.

First of all, it is clear that you must visit Chichen Itza, but if you have time I totally recommend that you take an excursion to Sian Ka’an because few places will you be able to see in your life of such beauty. Here I leave you information about Sian Ka’an so that you can decide if it is worth going, although I think it is. Take note:

– It is the largest protected area in the entire Mexican Caribbean and has more than 100 species of mammals and more than 300 birds, so there you can observe hundreds of animals, many of them not very common and that you can only see in those areas. Two species of turtles that are in danger of extinction nest here.

– The excursion to Sian Ka’an is carried out in 4 × 4 from before arriving at the reserve, and it is essential that at least one of the people who goes on the excursion has a driving license.

– When you arrive at the reserve they change the jeep for a boat and in the sea you will be able to meet turtles and dolphins , in addition to being a most relaxing trip when you arrive at the mangroves since you will go for a quiet walk until you reach an area where the waters are very calm and you can take a bath.

– After that swim you will arrive at a coral reef which is a fantastic place to dive as it is one of the largest reef complexes in the entire Caribbean.

– Finally, we recommend that you follow the classic safety measures for these types of places, such as bringing plenty of sun protection and a couple of cold water bottles so as not to get dehydrated, since it is very hot at any time of the year.