Getaway to Helsinki

Europe is a fantastic continent to get away and discover incredible places in a couple of days, and the short distances between countries make traveling much easier. If you like to make breaks and be aware of cheap flight offers to be able to travel frequently, look for the possibility of traveling to Helsinki because I know you will love it.

Despite not being one of the favorite destinations for all those who travel to the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden or Norway are always ahead), the truth is that Finland is a beautiful country and in Helsinki, its capital, you can find many places of interest. Take a trip to Helsinki and take this three-day route to discover the best of the city:

Day 1 : On the first day you can visit a few places, all of them cultural so as not to get too tired after the trip. Visit the Post Office Museum (you can see the history of the postal service throughout the country, including the sledges that were formerly used for delivery), the Finnish Museum of Photography (it has spectacular collections of the best Finnish artists) or the Punavuori Park (a beautiful park to spend a couple of hours relaxing and around it has a lot of shops and cafes).

Day 2 : You can visit the Bank of Finland Museum (you will see the history of money in Finland and how their finances were and are), the Uspenski Church (It is a red church that is on the highest hill in the city, in a spectacular place, it is orthodox and its architecture is impressive) or the Central Market (There are a lot of shops where you can buy typical products as well as souvenirs).

Day 3 : The last day you can dedicate to visit the island of Suomenlinna (it will take you half a day but it is totally recommended to take a walk there and see all the history that was carved as one of the forts of the city) and also to the islands of the port , which are other islands that are around the city and that are also great to spend a quiet day out.