Jobs at Emirates Airlines

The airline Emirates Airlines is once again selecting personnel to find cabin crew in Spain, and it is that according to what they have said they will increase the number of planes in their fleet and that means that they need to cover some 4,000 seats in various positions. This month they already begin with the selection of personnel in different parts of the world, although I would like to focus only on Spain to tell you what they offer here.

There will be three Spanish cities that will host the Emirates Airlines selection process starting this Saturday, October 8, the date on which they will be in Seville to do a test that day and another a week later for all those who have passed the first. On the 14th they will be in Malaga , where they will repeat a week later. Finally, they will be in the Canary Islands although they have not yet confirmed in which city or what day, but it is expected that the first test will be in the last week of October.

Among the requirements they demand is to be a minimum of 21 years old and to be fluent in English , the rest of the languages ​​are not compulsory. The curriculum vitae must be in English and you must also bring a full-length photograph. In order to attend the selection tests, it is essential that you register on their website so that you can learn a little more about the company.

It is also required that anyone who applies for the position must be committed to the company, be open-minded, helpful and friendly, and it is that dealing with the public on airplanes must always be very special. Emirates Airlines currently has 13,000 employees from some 130 different countries, including nearly 140 flight attendants and 31 pilots. Who knows, maybe you will be next …