Loro Parque in Tenerife

One of the must-sees if you are going to travel to Tenerife is the Loro Parque , a spectacular animal theme park that covers more than 15 hectares and where you can find a multitude of animals, plants and trees. It is not just any zoo since many of these animals can be seen as part of a show, so fun is guaranteed for all ages. I visit it at least a couple of times a year and it never gets bored.

It is in the municipality of Puerto de la Cruz , just 20 minutes from Santa Cruz de Tenerife and slightly less from Tenerife North Los Rodeos Airport. The best thing is that, if you can, you print the map at home to organize your visit and that when you get there you have everything planned, especially the schedule of the different shows so that you can do the rest based on that.

One of the things that impose the most on me and amaze me, no matter how many times I go, is the area where the orangutans and gorillas are, a very clear example that we descend from the monkey since you can see them in their natural habitat and they seem totally people who are spending a day in the forest (saving physical distances, of course).

After this part comes the penguin , where you can see a lot of penguins in their "natural habitat" (recreated to perfection). When you leave you find the place where the sea lions show is held, highly recommended but do not get in the first rows unless you want to get wet.
When you leave there you will already find several forks and you can choose several routes that will take you to see the other shows or to enjoy the vision of animals at a very short distance but with maximum security. The other shows are with dolphins , with killer whales and with parrots. I have to say that the killer whale has lost a lot of interest since now they only go from one place to another and throw food at them. They used to get up and do exercises but since the death of one of the coaches in an accident a couple of years ago they stopped doing it.

As for food, you have several places to eat but I recommend that you take a small backpack with a couple of sandwiches , some soft drinks and that you take advantage of some of the picnic areas to eat and rest for a while in the shade. The Loro Parque opens at 08:30 and closes at 18:45 although they do not let you in after 16:00 as you would not have time to see it. The price is € 32 for adults and € 21 for children from 6 to 11 years old (children under 6 do not pay). Canarian residents have a discount.