Guatapé, the most striking town in the world

You have to travel to South America to see a town that is nothing like most towns around the world. It is called Guatapé , it is in the northwest of Colombia and is known for the colored bas-reliefs that adorn its houses.

It can’t be more colorful

It is worth traveling from Medellín to see it. It is about two hours away by car (84 kilometers) and the photographs that you take with you as souvenirs are spectacular.

Its just over 5,000 inhabitants are used to being visited by tourists who cannot stop looking everywhere so as not to miss a single detail of the buildings. These, by the way, began with some drawings that families wanted to have on the façade of their houses, but with the passage of time it got out of hand and art can now be seen on every street.

The color mixing does not follow any pattern. We can only say that they are alive enough not to go unnoticed. There are geometric shapes and all kinds of motifs that are repeated, but we also find small scenes that are capable of telling a short story.


Artistic appeal … and natural

In Guatapé, apart from wandering around the Plaza de la Iglesia until you stop at Calle del Recuerdo, which is surely the most beautiful of all, you should also go to the Peñón de Guatapé , also known as Piedra del Peñol. It is a monolith 220 meters high that can be climbed thanks to a curious staircase of 658 steps in a zigzag shape. There is an uphill and a downhill one that are independent, although halfway there is a meeting point in case you regret in the middle of the ascent.

What can you do when you reach the top? The first thing is to get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful views, but then you can also have a drink in one of the bars that sit on the top of the rock. Of course, no matter how much you want to be there, think twice if you have physical or breathing problems, since it is not a route suitable for all audiences.


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