Guide to visiting Barcelona with children

If you cannot organize a visit to Barcelona without thinking about the smallest of the house, you should take into account the new guide that has come out on the market designed for precisely that: getting to know Barcelona with children. The guide presents us with a positive vision of the city designed especially so that the little ones can also enjoy it without having to be dragged to the places that the older ones want to know.

The guide has been written by the pedagogue Joan Portell Rifà, and is the third part of a collection of travel guides that focus on children. As in any other guide, you can find basic information such as the history of the city or information on the means of transport. The book becomes more interesting for children when it begins to talk about such emblematic places as the Camp Nou and the beaches of Barceloneta.

From there, a list of very interesting places for children begins, such as: the Egyptian Museum and Cosmocaixa workshops, the Zoo, the Wax Museum, Güell Park, Tibidabo, etc. The important thing, according to the writer, for children to enjoy any tourist visit is to focus on the details of the monuments or places that may most interest children, such as the animals that can be seen on the facade of the Nativity of the Sacred Family.

The book is also designed for children to use themselves without having to depend on what their parents tell them. Of course, the stores also have an important section in addition to another section dedicated exclusively to the Port Aventura theme park.