Highly recommended luxury destinations

luxury hotel
There are many ways to travel and that means that there are several types of travelers. There are those who enjoy carrying a backpack to travel the world for little money, those who go to a nearby beach destination every summer for comfort, those who travel to discover new cultures, those who hire luxury vacations to enjoy the maximum of your days off… In today’s article I will focus on the latter, as I am going to mention four luxury destinations that any foodie should travel to. Are you coming?


For a few years now, it has established itself as one of the references of luxury tourism, one of the reasons why trips to Asia have multiplied. The pearl of the United Arab Emirates not only boasts the tallest building on the planet, but also offers tourists a series of attractions that encourage spending money, such as the prestigious Burj Al Arab , which is a beautiful sail-shaped hotel, or the huge Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world.


It is an exotic destination like few others that offers many incentives to any western tourist. For starters, it is a completely different culture that surprises you day after day. There are very busy cities such as Tokyo, but there are also small towns where you can have a most relaxing experience merging with the tradition and nature of the place. In addition, luxury also has a place in places like Nikko, Kyoto or Nara , where you can take unforgettable excursions, such as the one that takes you to explore Lake Ashi in Hakone. That is why I encourage you to hire one of the all-inclusive trips to Japan that you will find browsing the Internet.

New Zealand

Maori culture is another culture worth knowing. That is why I encourage you to fly over thousands and thousands of kilometers to travel to the antipodes, where one can contemplate spectacular landscapes that stand out for their authenticity. Of course, there are also very modern buildings and activities of all kinds. You can bathe in the fantastic beaches of Auckland, visit the Waitomo Caves in Rotorua, rejoice your eyes enjoying the beauty of Wellington from Mount Victoria, hallucinate with the fjord called Milford Sound … Getting bored is forbidden and your plans can be everything luxurious what you want.


It has become the most popular destination in Africa and the truth is that I am not surprised, since it could be said that it has everything to dazzle the tourist. In Tanzania you can live the wonderful experience of an all-inclusive safari and you can bathe in some of the best beaches in the world. Where? In Zanzibar, where the good atmosphere is guaranteed on the shores of its warm waters. In short, it is a tourist paradise where you can surround yourself with flora and fauna without having to travel too many kilometers to go from one point to another.

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