If you plan a trip to Cuba, Varadero is your best option

Varadero is considered a Cuban tourist icon par excellence, so if you are planning a trip to Cuba , this destination will be the ideal one to enjoy your leisure time. You will not only enjoy its beautiful and paradisiacal beaches since the city offers you other options to discover.

There is a paradox with Varadero since the site, although it is part of Cuba, has absolutely nothing to do with the environment and the typical Cuban idiosyncrasy. Well, his environment is very similar to a Californian stereotype.

What makes Varadero so attractive?

If you are one of those people who consider themselves “ beach fundamentalists ”, Varadero will undoubtedly catch and captivate you. Its crystalline beaches with warm waters and white-golden sands will make you never want to leave them. In fact, this small Cuban area is one of the places most in demand by tourists and is the city that has the largest number of world-renowned hotel chains.

If diving is your thing, you should know that the aquatic nature of the beaches in Varadero offers endless " underwater colors ", which will surely delight you while you dive.

In Varadero you can also do other types of activities in addition to enjoying its warm and crystalline beaches. For the most extreme, there are places where it is possible to practice skydiving. If, on the other hand, you want something more relaxing without leaving the adventure, you can go horseback riding or bike riding.

For those who want to explore, they can take a stroll in the popular handmade object market , where artisan ornaments can be purchased at affordable prices. If you have an inclination towards the arts and the academy, then you should not miss in your itinerary visiting the so-called Plaza de los Artesanos and the many old mansions, which have been converted into authentic museums.

For people who want to explore nature, Varadero has several caves. The most famous of these is the Saturn Cave , where the visitor, in addition to being able to bathe in it, can also practice diving.

Varadero is also very famous for its keys. These offer the visitor a truly rewarding experience if they are looking to explore new sites. The most famous keys are:

– Cayo Coco
– Cayo Guillermo
– Cayo Santa Maria
– Cayo Largo
– Cayo los ensenachos

If the visitor has a good budget, in the same keys there are both international and Cuban hotels.

Nightlife in Varadero

Night visitors will find multiple options in Varadero for their enjoyment. Among the most recommended places to have fun at night are:

62 Street
In this place, in addition to being able to taste both drinks and typical food with Cubans and foreigners, you will be able to dance traditional Cuban music, either at the premises or … in the middle of the street!

Rumba Palace
In this place you can enjoy a typical Caribbean night. The atmosphere is ideal for meetings with family and friends and the drinks are usually quite cheap.

La Comparsita
It offers varied music and shows with a lot of professionalism. Its peak is on Thursdays and Fridays, and the price of admission includes drinks consumed during the night.

As you can see, Varadero is an ideal destination if you plan to travel to Cuba .