The spectacular Varadero beach in Cuba

One of the most spectacular beaches in the world is Varadero , which is in Cuba and stretches along the Hicacos peninsula. There are no less than 22 kilometers of beach with fine white sand and crystal clear waters and a very good temperature. The ideal place to relax for a few days and enjoy the Caribbean climate, something that you certainly have to do once in your life, either in this place or in any other part of the Caribbean.

Although the city was founded in 1887, it did not become a major tourist destination until 1940, and with each passing year the millions of people who decide to travel to Varadero grow. In the area of ​​Varadero where the beach is, you can find other spectacular natural landscapes such as caves, virgin keys and all kinds of wonders of nature.

On its beaches you also have the opportunity to practice diving and see its more than 40 types of corals and a great variety of fish, lobsters , shrimp, crabs, turtles and more than 70 types of mollusks. You can also practice other water sports at different levels, in addition to doing various courses and activities on the beach to get into a sport.

But in Varadero not everything is a beach since you can find other places with a lot of interest, such as the Amphitheater in which several international events are held throughout the year. As a last recommendation, its gastronomy, an authentic delight that will make you discover the best of Cuban food , with dishes that have seafood or fish as the main protagonists.