Some of the most extraordinary places in the world

Our planet is full of places that offer spectacular views, strange topographic features, or a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are many places on earth that seem very strange or unusual compared to what we are used to seeing on a daily basis. Here we talk about some of the most extraordinary places in the world:

– Socotra, Yemen
This is one of the most unusual places on earth. For a moment, you feel that you have traveled to a different planet. The Blood Tree of Grado is one of the most important features of this island. The branches of this plant give it a mushroom-shaped appearance. The desert rose is another strange looking plant. The stem of this plant resembles the legs of an elephant.
– 83-42, Greenland
It is one of the few pieces of land in the northernmost region of the earth. Located in the Arctic Ocean, this permanent point on earth is also known as Schmitt’s Island. What is unusual or unique is that in 83-42 the surrounding area is covered in ice and this part of the land is still black.

– Mount Roraima, Venezuela
This mountain has a shape that resembles a bell. Unlike other mountains that narrow along the tip, Mount Roraima has a flat part that rises 400 m. Another interesting fact about this place is that it rains here every day.

– Salar de Uyuni
Located in Bolivia, the Salar de Uyuni is made up of impressive landscapes that offer vast expanses of salt and other interesting features. It is known for being the largest salt desert in the world.