Tips for traveling to Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most attractive countries in Central America thanks to the great variety of tourism it can offer you. There you will discover, among many other things, one of the most spectacular natural environments in the world, as well as many very interesting cities that have a lot to offer.

The best thing about Ecuador is its diversity, and it is that you find both excellently preserved historical cities and some of the most outstanding Natural Parks in the world. Adventure tourism grows more and more in this country thanks to the interesting nature of hiking, mountaineering or cycling routes. Take note of these tips to travel to Ecuador :

Luggage : I know that it is always said and never done, but try to carry only what you will need so that the suitcase does not weigh too much and you have to pay for excess luggage. Also, keep in mind where you are going to be able to take everything you need. If you are going to do rural tourism you will not need many things so a small suitcase with the basics will be worth it.

Transport : Once there, public transport is the best option to move between cities and within the city. If you are going to go to a natural environment to practice an activity you can also use transport since many excursions are organized and it is much cheaper and more practical than renting a car.

Accommodation : It depends on your budget since there are all kinds. The best thing about this country is that even in the main cities the accommodation offer is very varied and inexpensive, and you can find a hostel that is very good to sleep for about 10 euros a night.

Gastronomy : It has specialties that are a real delight and that you can try both in the most luxurious restaurants and in any bar. Among the typical dishes that are most successful is "encebollado", a dish that is prepared with fish and onion and is delicious. There you can get a menu in a restaurant for about 4 euros so the food will not be something you spend a lot of money on.