Irish curiosities

Ireland is a place that is always waiting to tell us a story. It has been the home of many writers, including Oscar Wilde. Ireland has made a major contribution to traditional folk music and literature, reflecting the rich culture of Ireland. The Irish castles that dot the lush green landscape speak volumes about the rich history of this glorious place.

The people of Ireland are known to be very hospitable and friendly by nature. Having a family life is of great importance in Ireland. Traditional forms of Irish culture can be seen in rural areas of Ireland. Here, a large number of traditional customs are maintained today in contrast to modern life . Modern Irish culture follows a more open method of communication among the Irish people.
English is still the most widely spoken language today. The native dialect can be found in some of the most rural areas of Ireland. The Irish language was introduced by the Celts. The houses still maintain the same construction rules from years ago. Bright, cheerful colors dot the walls of most homes that include colored doors.

Most of the houses are generally semi-detached houses with a central heating system, implanted after replacing the traditional chimney. Although there is no official religion in Ireland, the Catholic Church is of great importance. The Irish are known for their love of music and dance. Irish folk music still has a strong presence on the music scene despite various outside influences.