What to see in Derry, Ireland

One of the European countries that most attracts my attention for its landscapes is Ireland , a natural paradise where they exist and where you can find cities and towns surrounded by great natural beauty. Impressive places that if you visit you will never forget, as is the case of Derry , a city that is in the north of the country and that combines history, culture and entertainment.

Derry is a charming city where you will find a bit of everything to make your trip unforgettable, a city with a lot of charm and the best of everything you can find in the United Kingdom and especially in Ireland. It is also one of the largest cities in the entire country, but that does not mean that tourists prefer to visit it on foot to enjoy each of its corners.

The architecture of this city is from the 17th century, which gives it a very special magic, especially its old town. There are many organized routes that you can hire to discover the most interesting of the city on foot and to discover all its history and traditions. One of the must see places is the Tower Museum , a legendary museum that is always open and that has some of the most famous works of the region and all of Europe. It is a museum specialized in having objects from the Spanish Armada and has several relics such as the famous work ‘La Trinidad Valencera’.

Shopping is also a strong point in this Irish city, and you can find several shopping centers with shops and leisure offers of all kinds. In the city center there are also many small artisan shops where you can get the best of local products.