Jeju Island in South Korea

Spread around the world there are a lot of paradisiacal places that are a real sight to behold thanks to their beauty. Places that are worth visiting at least once in your life to feel all its magic. One of them is the island of Jeju , which is in South Korea, specifically in the southwest of the province of South Jeolla, in the Strait of Korea.

It is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, so it goes without saying that its natural environment is truly spectacular. Jeju Island is hundreds of years old and was formed after several volcanic eruptions . It is dominated by Mount Halla, which in addition to being a volcano is the highest peak on the island at almost 2,000 meters high. The climate on the island is subtropical, very dry in winter and somewhat rainy in summer.

A very special place

This island is not very close to other places of interest in the country but it is definitely worth going to that area specifically to discover its beauty. Its flora and fauna are very exotic and there are species that you can only find on that island, such as the pink Okdom-gui fish . The culture on the island is also different than in the rest of the country, with local traditions such that women are the ones in charge of diving and getting seafood and fish without using any diving equipment.


What to see

Besides nature itself, there are some places that are very interesting to visit, such as Jeju City, Cheonjeyeon Falls, Wonang Falls, Yongduam Rock or Hallasan National Park. Especially interesting is the Manjanggul cave , which is the largest lava tube in the world and which is a true natural spectacle.