Kosovo: a new territory in the heart of the Balkans

The Balkans is an area with a lot of charm and great possibilities for tourism. This is the case of Kosovo , a state that is one of the newest in Europe and which is located precisely in the heart of the Balkans . An ideal destination for those who have a predilection for localities at the foot of the mountain. Although it is not the only thing to see.

Main attractives

One of the must – see Kosovo are the waterfalls of the White Drin, which are part of a mountainous area surrounding the waterfall with a beautiful waterfall, which attracts many tourists.

Another of the jewels of Kosovo is the city of Peja , which is at the gates of the Bjeshket e Namuna National Park . It is a small town, but it is very curious. Among the main attractions is a fortified old Ottoman bazaar , as well as the Peja Patriarchate with frescoes that are one of the highest expressions of Serbian medieval art.

The route must also take us into the national park, following the road that crosses the Rugova Canyon and from which you enter and exit high mountain pastures , glacial lakes and fairy tale forests .



The trip to Kosovo cannot end without visiting its capital. It is Pristina , which is characterized by being a city with a living history that is breathed in its streets where there is usually a lot of traffic.

It is a very cosmopolitan capital where you can see different architectural styles and where you can enjoy a great walk through modern cafes and bars. The small fruit market is not to be missed either.

Among the must – see monuments include the mosque of Sultan Mehmed Fahtih, which was built in 1461 and which painted beautiful floral decorations and arabesques adorning the walls and ceiling appear. Attention also requires the statue of Ibrahim Rugova .