Caravan routes in Catalonia

COVID-19 has introduced many changes when it comes to traveling. Many people want to enjoy the summer, but they also fear the contagion by coronavirus. A situation that is leading many people to consider caravans as a good alternative to get around and have accommodation while keeping their distance from other people. But where to go? What routes are interesting? Here we discuss some proposals in Catalonia to enjoy vacation days for people who start this year on this type of trip.


Catalonia is a good destination for traveling by motorhome, especially in its northern area to get to know the entire Puigcerdà area well, which is in the Cerdanya region, and reaches Banyoles , although the journey can be extended to the coast .

On this route, one of the main attractions is the Banyoles or Banyoles lake, which is the largest in Gerona and Catalonia. In addition, the lake and the basin are considered the most extensive karst complex in Spain, which has great environmental value, which led to its being protected in 1992 when it was included in the Plan for Spaces of Natural Interest.

Besalú is also of great interest, where you have to see all its medieval architecture , as well as Santa Pau , a municipality that is located in the heart of the Garrocha Volcanic Zone Natural Park and is medieval in style. In it, works such as its castle have been preserved.

And, of course, you should not miss the national park itself, which is an example of a volcanic landscape on the peninsula, being rare to find it in other locations.


Within Catalonia, there are still more options. For example, those who prefer the beach , a good option is Tarragona and the Ebro Delta. A route that leads to towns such as San Carlos de la Rápita , which is one of the main tourist destinations in this area.

You can also visit the Sierra del Montsià , which is a mountain range of a certain height very close to the beach line , being a viewpoint to observe regions such as Bajo Ebro, Montsià, Bajo Maestrazgo or Puertos.

The route includes Las Casas de Alcanar , which has 12 kilometers of beaches, as well as La Selleta with its white houses of Mediterranean architecture and Ulldecona to see its old castle and centenary olive trees, among many other attractions.