Langjökull Glacier in Iceland, setting for "Star Wars: Episode VII"

More and more people choose the settings that appear in their favorite movies or series when choosing a vacation destination. For example, the places in Spain where some of the scenes of the sixth season of "Game of Thrones" have been filmed have become tremendously popular, in the same way that towns like Monells, who appears in "Eight Catalan surnames", have its visitors increased in recent weeks, the same as happened with the “Eight Basque surnames” scenarios.

Why are we telling you all this? Well, because the new episode of "Star Wars" will be released soon and everything indicates that some of the places that have served as settings will increase in popularity in the coming months and maybe years. One of these places is the Langjökull glacier. Do you want to discover more details about this Icelandic corner? Well, watch out!

Ideal for a saga like "Star Wars"

As you may already know, " Star Wars: Episode VII ", the latest installment of the successful " Star Wars " saga , will be released soon. What you may not know, especially if you are not a true fan of the saga, is that Iceland, with its volcanoes, cliffs, glaciers and waterfalls, has served as the setting for some of the scenes from the long-awaited film. Today we want to tell you about one of the main places: the Langjökull glacier. It is a spectacular corner that seems to be located outside our planet and, therefore, it is perfect for a film like the one we are talking about.


The second largest glacier in Iceland

The Langjökull glacier is located northeast of Reykjavik, in the Highlands of Iceland , and more specifically in the Vesturland and Suðurland regions. With an area of ​​925 square kilometers (data from 2006) and a volume of 195 cubic kilometers, it is the second largest glacier in the country. An important fact to take into account is that its highest peak reaches 1,360 meters above sea level.


Protagonism of the colors

The Langjökull glacier is made up of accumulated and compacted snow that has not thawed over the years. As you can see in the images, this corner of Iceland offers us a landscape covered with snow and ice where colors such as white and different shades of blue are the real protagonists. Of course, the real attraction of this glacier may be that it allows you to discover the first glacier cave on the planet. It is built at 1,260 meters above sea level and is 500 meters long.


The visit to the glacier cave

Without a doubt, the visit to the glacier cave is a unique experience, since never before has it been possible to see this phenomenon of nature in that way, that is, from the inside. The visit, organized by Island Tours, allows you to walk through the frozen walls, explore the carved ice, discover how the glacier was formed … The itinerary lasts one hour and also includes the exploration of the glacier from the outside. It is important to bear in mind that the excursion is carried out by means of a truck with 8 × 8 traction, ideal for traveling through this hostile territory. In addition, only a few groups will be able to enter the glacier. Would you like to visit this Icelandic glacier? Well, we have bad news: tours are only available from June to October, and weather permitting. Therefore, you will have to wait a little bit.