Lesotho is the so-called area of ​​southern Africa known as the "kingdom in heaven." This place is incredibly beautiful. It is a mountainous country located as in the center of South Africa. The country offers magnificent mountain landscapes, traditional and proud people, countless hiking trails and the opportunity to explore remote areas mounted on horseback.

In the " lowlands " area (all of them are above 1000m) you can enjoy a day of interesting shopping for handicrafts from the region, as well as visiting the places where the dinosaur tracks are found. In the " highlands ", in the northeast and in the center you will enjoy the sight of great mountains and the green valleys that surround them.

Escape the rest of the world in the eastern area and visit Lesotho Sehlabathebe , its remote National Park. After an exhausting day, you can stop in the capital, Maseru , where its slow and cozy pace will guarantee you a memorable stay. Getting around the city is quite easy, you have a car rental service that will take you to most places. The public transport network is extensive, although slow. Pony rides from one village to another is the best way to explore.

Lesotho’s climate is a mixture of temperate and subtropical climates, with surprising minimum temperatures in winter and maximum temperatures in summer of around 32 degrees. The best time to travel is at the end of October, when the temperatures are still very pleasant and the heavy rains have not yet arrived. Another good time is from April to May.