Texas at night

Texas prides itself on offering a diverse nightlife to all who choose to visit: Austin has the music, Houston has the culture, and Dallas, along with San Antonio, mix good food with sports nights. All these cities receive millions of visits during the year. This is mainly due to the vibrant and diverse nightlife that can be enjoyed throughout the area.

Austin . It is the live music capital of the world. It has about 200 places where musical events are organized daily, including festivals such as Zilker Park . The city has 7 music districts where you can also find countless bars and restaurants.

Dallas . You will be able to enjoy the best night baseball games you have ever seen. If you want more than just a party, you can head to the famous and successful Pyles Stephan (Good Morning America) restaurant in the Dallas Arts District. If you decide to enjoy another good feast, you should not miss visiting Mansion Restaurant and Rosewood Mansion in Turtle Creek where you can taste exquisite typical dishes of the new American cuisine.

Houston . As night falls, the sound inside the sports hall reaches deafening levels. This glowing neon will be your starting point to enjoy a great show and perfect entertainment. But you’ll find plenty of art here in Houston too: the Houston Symphony , the award-winning Houston Grand Opera, the Alley Theater, and the Houton Ballet.

San Antonio . It is home to basketball stars, so you can enjoy a passionate game night at the AT&T Center . Then, once the game is over, you can have a drink at the Red Bar, located in the Grand Hyatt . If you have a free Friday afternoon, take a walk through Southtown, an area full of various artists and where you will find galleries open until late, and the streets full of food and crafts vendors.