5 must-see places in Miami

Miami is the destination dreamed of by thousands of inhabitants of the planet to go on vacation, either in order to rest or go to have fun. One of the main reasons to visit this city is because of its climate, because regardless of the time of year the temperatures are favorable to take advantage of the days on its beaches or doing activities throughout the city.

Such a trip deserves perfect planning. For this reason, it is necessary that you know that, if you have proposed to visit this place, the first and most important thing is to acquire your plane tickets (in addition to the usual documentation to get to the United States) in advance, and in the same way you should not forget of lodging and renting a car , because nothing will be more pleasant than visiting the most wonderful landscapes that Miami has at your own pace, comfortably and the best, saving money.

The city of the sun offers you unique experiences because it is one of the places that brings together all those activities that you want to enjoy on your vacation but that you can rarely find in one place, below, I am going to list 5 places that you cannot miss. on your next trip to Miami.

1- South Beach

When it comes to relaxation, this beach is ideal for sunbathing, enjoying crystal clear waters and fine sand. On the side of the beach there is a paved path, where it is possible to see skaters and cyclists exercising while admiring the landscape and the calm of the area, Between streets 5 and 15 is Lummus Park, a place that is part from South Beach where recreational activities such as volleyball games are held. Also, if you prefer, you can have a drink from those offered by the commercial premises of Ocean Drive .

2- Little Havana

It is one of the most recognized neighborhoods in Miami for its history, as hundreds of Cubans migrated there seeking to escape the Castro regime. Nowadays in this place it is possible to find a Latin atmosphere, full of artisans making cigars, older adults playing dominoes and talking about life before and after in Cuba. If you wish, you can access its exquisite cuisine and you cannot leave without trying an authentic Cuban coffee.

3- Art Deco District

It is a set of buildings or constructions that have a defined architecture, whose main objective is ornamentation instead of functionality. It is best to go to the "Art Deco District Welcome Center" to have access to a guided tour and thus take a tour of the most important buildings in the area and learn about their history.

4- Bayside Marketplace

Going to Miami and not taking advantage of outlet discounts is a mistake that you should not make. The infinity of products at good prices that you can get there you will not see anywhere else in the world. There are stores specializing in clothing, jewelry, home accessories, toys, cosmetics … I advise you to visit "Bayside Marketplace" because it is not only a shopping mall, but also gives you the opportunity to enjoy very pleasant music concerts while You consume a drink or you delight yourself with dinner.

5- Everglades

Just 90 minutes from Miami is the Everglades Park, famous for being one of the wetlands of greatest international importance and for being a World Heritage Site. To get there from Miami Down Town it is worth renting a car and living the experience of traveling the roads in the best style of the Hollywood movies.

The most interesting thing about visiting this place is to do the kayak or hiking tour , so that you can be amazed by the large number of species of both fauna and flora that are housed there. The ideal is to visit the park on sunny days because when it rains, several activities are left to do.

Miami has many activities to do, but the must-sees are in this post. In case you have more vacation time, it is ideal that you visit the museums, take a trip to Cape Canaveral, visit other beaches where surfing shows are the protagonists or have a pleasant night in the discos on Ocean Drive.