Monuments of Spain of great beauty and with a lot of legend

Visiting the monuments of Spain is one of the main ways to tour the country. And reasons are not lacking to choose this option due to the rich existing heritage. However, monuments can also be known in a different way and not only through their history . Many of them harbor legends of great interest, which has also led to them being the subject or protagonists of movies or series. On this occasion, we are going to focus on those related to the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ from the Temple of Solomon .

The monuments

All these monuments bear some relation to the Knights Templar. One of the best known is the Peñíscola Castle where Benedict XIII lived, known as Papa Luna, who stayed in this fortress because of his desire not to renounce his privileges. In addition to this history, this castle is of Templar origin, also standing out for its beauty on the Mediterranean Sea.

Ponferrada Castle is also part of this tour. And it is included in it because in its interior its connection with this order is evident. Among its main attractions are the moat, the battlements and the towers.

The route takes us to Segovia to see the Ermita de la Vera Cruz –formerly known as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher-, which can be seen from the Alcázar of Segovia. With a curious circular shape, this temple has a very attractive Romanesque style.

And in the Castle of Jerez de los Caballeros , in the province of Badajoz, there is this monument that is one of the most surprising Templar castles in the entire national territory. According to what is said, it became part of the Order of the Temple in the 13th century, when King Alfonso IX was able to defeat the Muslims and reconquer this part of the Extremadura community.

Another of the bastions is the Castle of Caravaca de la Cruz , in the Region of Murcia. History tells that in the year 1266, in the midst of the reconquest, the Castilian King Alfonso X ‘el Sabio’ donated this bastion to this order. A date since this fortress has been the subject of legends, enigmas and many mysteries.

The tour of Spain also takes us to the province of Burgos, where the Church of San Juan is located, which is located in the municipality of Castrogeriz. This building is one of the most important of those linked to the Templars in the country. Romanesque in style, it is well worth a visit to see all its architecture.

The list cannot be closed without the Castle of Tortosa from which there are spectacular views of the Ebro River. Here is the Parador Nacional de Turismo de Tortosa, whose hotel is in the Castillo de la Zuda, which is a bastion that belonged to the Order of the Knights Templar.

The route continues with a visit to the Church of Santa María de Eunate , which is in Navarra. This bastion is one of the most important in this community, being an authentic architectural jewel of the Romanesque style.

And, finally, the tour of these monuments with so much legend and mystery is closed at the Castillo de San Servando , located in Toledo. This bastion is a fortress of Templar origin that, today, has been converted into a youth hostel. It can be reached from the historic center of the capital and crossing the Alcántara bridge over the Tagus river. The visit is not only interesting to see the castle, in which its towers stand out, but also to see some really spectacular views of Toledo in which you can see a background made up of the Alcázar of Toledo.