New Year’s Eve in Madrid

One of the most special nights of the year is approaching and with it the possibilities of living it in a different place to make it even more special. Undoubtedly, New Year ‘s Eve is one of the favorite holidays for millions of people, who celebrate the entrance of a new year and with it begin a lot of purposes that we always want to fulfill.

There are people who love to enjoy such a magical night in a different city and who travel every year to do so, so if this is your case or if you just want to do something special this year, I recommend that you enjoy New Year’s Eve in Madrid since I assure you that it will be unforgettable. I still remember as if it were yesterday when I passed it to welcome 2007, quite an experience.

Of course, the most traditional place to do it will be Puerta del Sol , the central point of the city and where thousands of people congregate every year to celebrate the arrival of a new one. Interesting to know that at 12 noon a test is made with the chimes and they sound the same as at night, so it has already become a tradition for hundreds of people to go at that time and have the grapes and a glass of dig as proof for the night.

At night, if you want a good place, I recommend that you go early . In fact, if you really want a place in the square and with good views of the famous clock, I recommend that you leave at most in the middle of the afternoon so that you can be there when the time comes because if you go at night you will have to settle for staying in some of the streets that surround it, which are all very crowded with people and you do not always have the view of the clock.

Saying that if you find it exciting to see how the ball goes down and begin to sound when you see it on TV, seeing it and listening to it live is much more so. When the grapes finish, everyone toasts with everyone and wishes each other the best, an incredible moment in which you share something as important as the arrival of a new year with thousands of strangers. If you have the chance, it is certainly worth having the grapes in Puerta del Sol .