Oceanographic nights in Valencia

Valencia is one of the Spanish cities that receives the most tourism every year, thanks in part to the perfect mix of leisure, culture, beaches and art that it has to offer to everyone who visits its streets. A unique architecture formed by a mixture of antiquity and modernity that has been transforming the city over time until it reaches the fantastic contrasts that it has today. On a cultural level it is very important, thanks in part to the excellent City of Arts and Sciences , a complete program in which there are proposals of all kinds and for all audiences.

The proposals that this place has take on special importance thanks to the "Oceanographic Nights" , the seventh edition that is held at the Oceanographic in this small cultural city and which is the largest aquarium in all of Europe thanks in part to the fact that it has more of 500 marine species for which they have recreated their different natural habitats with lagoons, a dolphinarium, aquariums and tunnels for sharks.

This year’s edition opened on July 15 and offers all its visitors the possibility of enjoying its facilities at a very different time from the usual for this type of activity. In addition to being able to see all the marine species , on these nights they complete their offer with shows such as a nocturnal exhibition of dolphins to see how they dance, how they do synchronized swimming or how they communicate with their caretakers, all with music and lights, which makes it an unforgettable and very special show.

In addition to the show "Seven seas, six continents and one world", which is the name of the dolphin show, you have a unique opportunity to see all these marine animals and find out what their nightlife is like and how they react to darkness, such as for example sharks , sea nymphs, seals or walruses.

The "Nights of the Oceanográfic" will run until August 31 and will be open from 10 in the morning until 12 at night, an ideal occasion to go to dinner at one of the many restaurants around the City of Arts and Sciences and then go to see the animals. Tickets cost € 19.50 for adults and € 16.40 for the reduced rate (children, senior citizens and some other group). If you go in a group it will cost you € 15.40 each entry.