Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

Croatia is a spectacular country even though it is not very famous when it comes to tourism, although it must be said that thanks to many of the Mediterranean cruises you can discover spectacular corners of this country. Even so, I totally recommend a specific trip to this country to be able to visit incredible corners that have a lot to offer you and that will surely impress you. A fascinating country of which I would like to highlight the Plitvice Lakes National Park , one of the eight that Croatia has and the most important in the whole country.

This wonderful place is between the towns of Lika and Kordun, between the mountains of Mala Kapela and Licka Pljesevica and along the road that connects Zagreb with Dalmatia, so you cannot miss it. Its main characteristic is that it has karst formations with many caves. It has 16 lakes with spectacular crystalline and greenish waters that have several waterfalls and waterfalls. Here is the highest waterfall in Croatia, the Veliki Slap , which is no less than 78 meters high, a sight to behold.

Also highlight the wonderful flora and fauna that you can find in the park, and that is that in the lakes you can see a great variety of fish and shellfish that you can fish in certain places and with a special permit. In addition, almost half of the park is made up of beech, pine and fir forests, as well as countless species of original plants that you will not see anywhere else. As for the fauna, there live bears, otters, wolves, ferrets, squirrels, foxes or rabbits, in addition to more than 120 species of birds of which about 70 are indigenous. They say that the most spectacular animal to see there is the brown bear .

Finally, any date is good to visit, although the best is spring since in summer it is very hot and in winter it is usually snowy, although also at this time it is spectacular to see how the waterfalls have frozen.