Plans to enjoy Badalona

The high price of hotel rooms in Barcelona has allowed tourism to grow in very close towns such as Badalona , which in addition to being a short distance from the Catalan capital has a few kilometers of coastline.

In this article I will tell you about some of the plans that you can program to enjoy Badalona, ​​so take note and take advantage of your visit to the fourth most populated city in Catalonia.

Go to the beach

As I have commented previously, the fact of having a coast allows you to go to the beach. Its sandy areas have all the services you can imagine and a promenade that is worth visiting. There are bars, beach bars and restaurants, as well as being quite close to the most popular shopping street in the city, which is Carrer de Mar.

The water on its beaches is cleaner every year, although it is true that after a day of rain and wind it usually looks less attractive. The sand is quite fine, but not as fine as what we can find in most beaches in the Balearic Islands, for example.

Visit the Museum of Badalona

It was inaugurated in 1966 and allows you to visit the remains of the Roman city in the basement of the building, where you can see part of a street, a group of shops and the thermal baths. There is also a permanent exhibition that shows you the life of the first inhabitants of the city, which transports you to prehistory and the Iron Age, as well as showing you what Iberian culture was like.

Walk until you reach the Pont del Petroli

Surely you have seen it in more than one ad without knowing that it is in Badalona. El Pont del Petroli is a fantastic place that allows you to disconnect. I recommend visiting it at sunrise , since the sky is stained with a beautiful color.

Enjoy nature in the Parc de Can Solei i Cal Arnús

Relaxation is guaranteed in one of the lungs of Badalona. The Parc de Can Solei i Cal Arnús is a perfect place to walk away from the hustle and bustle of the most central streets of the city. It is perfect to go with dogs, there are picnic tables, a playground … It is full of vegetation and there is even a lake and several fountains. In short, it is a very beautiful place that makes you feel that you are not so far from nature .

Where to stay?

If you are looking for a hotel in Badalona , I recommend you stay at Rafaelhoteles. It is very modern and has up to 142 very comfortable designer rooms . In addition, its gastronomic offer is exquisite thanks to the El Badiu restaurant, where they take care of the presentation of their dishes and the quality of the products to offer the best possible service. And not only that, but it has an avant-garde and cozy decoration that will make you feel at home tasting recipes of Mediterranean cuisine with touches of Catalan cuisine.