Quantum of the Seas, the most luxurious cruise ship in the world

He has been with us for almost four years and it was time to dedicate an article to him in Vuela Viajes. Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is one of the most admired ships in the world for its technology, but also for its commanding presence. It is 348 meters long and offers a series of services that make it considered the most luxurious of all those that sail the seas around the world.

Surprises and more surprises

The creature in question weighs 168,000 tons and moves with some ease through the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, it offers 360º views of the sea thanks to a jewel-shaped capsule that rises 90 meters above sea level.

It is not the only thing that should surprise you, since it also gives you the possibility to try the first parachuting simulator in the high seas, where you can live the experience of flying in an air machine to feel as if you have launched from a plane by thousands meters high.

Do we continue with the list of little or not usual services? We continue! We must add an auto-shock track , a climbing wall, swimming pools capable of being covered when it rains, a surf simulator that is capable of generating waves … All this with the comfort of being able to sleep in modular cabins for families with virtual balconies on the high seas.


Varied gastronomic proposal

As far as gastronomy is concerned, on the Quantum of the Seas the offer is very varied, since Royal Caribbean has opted for hyper-segmentation of food, which translates into more restaurants with very diverse options. In fact, there are no fixed meal times or assigned seating. What’s more, you can request a table in a restricted area to eat more calmly, without the usual hustle and bustle of cruise ships.

Finally, it must be said that robotics is also noticeable in this advanced boat. Six six ‘ roboscreens ‘ are in charge of modifying their interiors to the surprise of travelers, who can also delight in the images that appear on giant glass walls that go from floor to ceiling.

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