Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world

Harmony of the Seas cruise
Still don’t know what you’re going to do on your summer vacation? Well, it’s time for you to make a decision! And the warmest season of the year is just around the corner. Without a doubt, a good option is to take a cruise , a type of travel that allows you to visit different destinations, meet a lot of people and do a lot of activities. In addition, it is an alternative idea for traveling as a family.

The vast majority of cruise ships are like floating cities, so you shouldn’t be afraid of feeling stuck in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do. Of course, nowadays you can find really spectacular boats. This is the case of the Harmony of the Seas , considered the largest cruise ship in the world. Would you like to know it thoroughly? Well, it is better that you do not miss anything that we tell you below!

Some surprising figures

Harmony of the Seas is the last Oasis Class ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet. As we have mentioned before, it is considered the largest cruise ship on the planet, including 7 different neighborhoods, 18 decks, 2,747 cabins, 20 restaurants and up to 23 outdoor hot tubs, as well as including a lot of pools, parks and gardens. , among many other spaces in which to have a great time. In fact, it has a capacity for 8,800 people, including crew and passengers. Thus, it is not surprising that 1,000 million euros have been invested to build it.

Harmony of the Seas cruise ship1

Spectacular attractions

The ship, which is 362 meters long and weighs 227,000 tons, incorporates some great attractions for families. One of the highlights is Ultimate Abyss, the tallest slide built on a boat to date. Young and old alike will love the three Perfect Storm multi-deck slides , Splashway Bay Park, 25-meter zip line, 12-meter surf drill, miniature golf, and ice rink. As if that were not enough, inside it is possible to find Central Park, a landscaped area that not only houses more than 10,000 plants, shrubs and trees, but is also surrounded by restaurants, cafes, terraces and benches.

Harmony of the Seas cruise ship2

Impossible to get bored

Passengers who tire of bathing in the pool, jumping down the slides and strolling through Central Park will have the opportunity to do many more activities. And the ship also houses a gigantic casino and a theater that offers Broadway shows. We also want to highlight its Bionic Bar, a place with robot waiters. In addition, the ship does not lack rooms for teenagers, a cinema, a shopping area and spaces for children. In fact, they offer Dreamworks animation. As if that were not enough, they offer the fastest Internet connection at sea and wristbands that inform passengers about leisure offers.

Harmony of the Seas cruise ship3

The cabins

Considering that there are more than 2,700 cabins, it is not surprising that options of all kinds can be found. Thus, beyond the classics with views of the sea or interiors, there are also those with views of Central Park or the open sky. The best thing is that those cabins that do not have windows have virtual views in real time. Of course, there are also the most luxurious cabins.

Harmony of the Seas cruise ship4

From 800 euros

Would you like to be able to take this cruise? Well, you should know that you can hire a 7-night route through the Mediterranean from 800 euros per person. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you can find more images of this impressive cruise. Do not miss it!

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