Recommendations to travel safely by car

Whether they are short trips through the Spanish geography or a long trip by car to visit other countries, when we choose the car as a means of transport it is essential to observe certain safety measures when planning the trip.

During the summer months road trips multiply (in Spain, only in July and August, there are around 80 million trips, that’s nothing). And with so many people and so many cars in action, we must take extreme precautions to reach our destination safely. Therefore, today we want to review some tips , which you have probably heard before, but which cannot be forgotten under any circumstances. Your safety and that of yours is at stake.

Tips not to forget

It is true that each journey by car is just as important, and that even if it is short trips you have to exercise extreme caution , but now in summer it is even more necessary to do so, if possible. It is in these vacation months when the most road trips are recorded. Here are some tips to make your car trips as safe as possible. Remember them and put them into practice.

– To begin with, we must check the itinerary before getting behind the wheel, to avoid future stress and distractions. And, if you’ve gotten lost, don’t be reckless by suddenly rectifying the trajectory. Stay calm and continue until you can stop or change your direction.

– If, for whatever reason, you have not been able to get enough rest , do not start the trip. It’s worth putting it off for a few hours until you’re in top shape.

– Before leaving, check the car to make sure it is in perfect condition. Check the levels and tire pressure. And when you go to load the trunk, distribute the weight in a balanced way. Do not put loose objects on the rear tray, they could be thrown in the event of an accident.

– Lastly, forget about expectations. You should never set an arrival time. Each trip is different and unforeseen events may arise . Failure to meet time goals could make you drive faster. The best thing is that you relax and enjoy the trip.