Rural tourism in Patagonia

It occupies part of the countries of Chile and Argentina , and is one of the most impressive natural places on planet Earth. Those of you who are passionate about green tourism will be delighted to visit such an incredible region.

In Patagonia you will find lakes, forests and mountains, glaciers and wonderful islands. A whole varied repertoire of natural treasures that will make your trip an experience.

A natural paradise in two countries

This wonderful American region that is Patagonia is not a homogeneous and regular terrain, but shows important differences from the Chilean part to the Argentine one. If the first is very lush and green, the second is divided into two different parts: the Patagonian Andes , with forests, lakes and glaciers, and Esteparia Patagonia , a desert and arid territory.

For all the natural qualities it brings together, Patagonia is a destination chosen by many travelers who want to practice rural or green tourism. In fact, the place offers numerous rural charms. To begin with, it is an area of ​​great volcanic activity and there are several volcanoes such as San Lorenzo and San Valentín. In addition, Patagonia hides rivers and mountain peaks perfect for adventure sports.

Some interesting excursions

Below we explain what places you can visit in Patagonia if what interests you is green tourism. One of them is Los Alerces National Park , with one of the most important tree forests in Argentina. If you go in summer you can navigate its lakes (the Verde and Rivadavia lakes stand out). Another interesting enclave, especially for ski lovers, is the La Hoya Mountain Activities Center , with about twenty slopes.

The excursion to Piedra Parada is one of the most outstanding in Patagonia, about 150 kilometers from Esquel, in Argentina. You will be able to contemplate a volcanic rock no less than 200 meters high.

In addition to all the natural charms, Patagonia offers many and varied alternatives: bicycle tours that go through mountain circuits, sport fishing activities, rafting and rapids on the Corcovado River, trekking and climbing , etc.