Las Grutas beach in Argentina

Now that summer is approaching, everyone begins to look at beach destinations to enjoy a few days of vacations away from routine and worries, although the most forward-thinking people have been planning their vacations for months and only count the days until they arrive. . If you still do not know where you are going to go or if you have already decided to go to Argentina , I would like to recommend one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and which is in that country.

Las Grutas beach is a spectacular place that is in the province of Río Negro, in the south of the country, and that is part of an imposing seaside resort with icy waters and wonderful landscapes. In any case, the Las Grutas area breaks with that norm and its waters are not as cold as in the rest of the area. It is one of the most visited places in what is known as Patagonia Argentina thanks to its warm waters that come from the Brazilian currents.

It is a small beach , only 200 meters long, but without a doubt a true wonder that is worth visiting either to spend the whole day or just to take a dip and enjoy it for a few moments. To find a problem, the great swell that it can have makes the tide rise very easily, which makes the beach almost disappear when it is all covered with water. Another factor that makes it spectacular, and which is what gives it its name, are the large holes that the cliffs form in the rocks, turning them into almost authentic caves.

If you are going to travel to Argentina and you can go to the south, without a doubt I recommend that you stop by this beach, one of the most beautiful I have seen in my life (although I have not been lucky enough to visit it yet). Anyone who has been to it will tell you that it is a paradise, in addition to being part of all the lists in which the best beaches in South America appear .