Rye, a medieval coastal town in England that falls in love

Villages are a good option for sightseeing and discovering new places, which preserve not only their history, but also all their appeal and charm. Among the most beautiful in England is Rye . This town, which is located about an hour from London, is a small coastal town with a medieval air . And reasons are not lacking. Its wooden houses, cobbled streets or old inns are elements that all visitors fall in love with.

What to see

Rye is a perfect destination for a short break or for a day or weekend stopover while touring England. Despite not having a great dimension, it has many things to do and see because its streets have many antique shops that are full of treasures, houses that seem like a story, pubs and many restaurants both traditional and elegant.

This small town, in the county of East Sussex , allows you to discover the most traditional England, which is reflected in its small stone streets, which are flanked by half-timbered houses and with colored roofs, creating a permanent Christmas-like environment. It is a charm to which is added the fact that it is close to the sea , which is almost three kilometers away.

This proximity to the sea made it have one of the most important ports, which in turn was part of the Les Cinque Ports defense group. Also of interest is the city’s castle, Ypres Tower , which was built in the 13th century and houses exhibits of ancient weapons and historical objects. In addition, your visit allows you to see some impressive views of Rye.

Once in town, the tour takes us to Mermaid Street , which is one of the most beautiful streets not only in this town, but also in England. In it, the so-called “two-door house” is located. The center of Rye has other attractions such as the many tunnels , passageways and roofs that run through it and which are perfectly preserved.

Another of the most beautiful places in England is in Rye. It’s Lamb House , a beautiful mansion where the writer Henry James lived and created much of his work. The town is home to The Cobbles Tea Room , which is considered one of the best places to have tea in England.


And, of course, you can not miss shopping. For example, there is the Glass Etc gallery , which is Andy McConnell, one of the most famous antique dealers in the country, as well as Strand Quay Anticues with vintage decorative objects or Rye Pottery , which makes some ceramic pigs that are traditional in the gifts of wedding, among other places to visit.