Skopje, the capital of the Balkans that you cannot miss

Skopje is a city that does not usually appear among the favorite destinations or, at least, in the first options when planning a trip for tourism or pleasure. However, it is a capital that is a good option because it is very entertaining and offers many possibilities for sightseeing . Not in vain is it the capital of Macedonia and the Balkans because it is the main center not only political and economic, but also educational and cultural .

What to see

Skopje offers a good combination of monuments, museums, fountains … among other attractions to see. It is a city in which ancient and modern history come together, converging in perfect symbiosis. And that’s not his only curiosity. And it is that this capital is like a bridge or link between the Western world and the Eastern world.

The route through the streets of the city is marked by the statues of large warriors and large neoclassical buildings , apart from finding museums that attract attention for their marble cladding. And that’s not all because its fountains are monumental.

A must see are the narrow streets in the Old Bazaar, the Carsija, which is considered the largest preserved bazaar in the Balkans, apart from being the largest entertainment center in the city where there are tea shops, mosques and craft shops, among other attractions.

Among the best walks that can be taken through the capital is the tour of the Vardar river quay, which is crossed by the Ottoman Stone Bridge , which was built in the 15th century and which is the union between the oldest part and the most modern in the city.

Nor should we forget to go up to the Tvrdina Kale fortress, which is 1,500 years old and is of Byzantine origin, although it was later Ottoman. The cable car is another attraction to go to Mount Vodno from which you can see magnificent views of this city and the high peaks of the Macedonian mountains.