French Provence: a place with history with the scent of lavender

The French Provence is one of the most beautiful areas of France both for its landscapes and for the municipalities it houses with key points such as Vaucluse or Avignon . An area full of perched villages and lavender fields, which offers many possibilities to enjoy nature through cycling routes or simply touring the surroundings. On the routes, do not forget to include the monuments and all the heritage that its municipalities house. This time, we are going to stop in Avignon.

What to see

Avignon is one of the most important enclaves in French Provence. It is a town with many attractions. For example, one of the most important is its famous Avignon bridge or the Saint Bénezet bridge, and it is often the starting point to explore the whole town or the historic area of this municipality.

But, before setting off to explore its streets, you have to look at the river, on the Rhône , since the bridge connects its two banks and from it you can see magnificent views of the city of Avignon and the Rocher des doms.

A must see is the Palace of the Popes , which is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This palace, which dominates the city, draws attention for its Gothic style and for being the largest in the world within this style.

The palace can be visited to see the Pope’s private apartments or see the frescoes by Matteo Giovanetti . In addition, the possibility of taking a tour on a digital tablet is offered to see what this palace was like in the 14th century.

Another key point in Avignon is known as the Doms Garden , which is perfect for taking walks and enjoying nature and excellent views of the surroundings such as the Rhone plain to Mont-Ventoux. In its lake, you can see swans and carps.