Water sports to enjoy the Canary Islands

Canary Islands
The Canary Islands are one of the main tourist destinations in Spain and around the world. Reasons for this are not lacking because they offer many possibilities to enjoy them: beaches, mountains, unique landscapes in the world as a result of volcanic activity, charming towns and cities, Canarian art, popular culture and gastronomy are some of the many options. But the Canary Islands are still much more. In fact, many people choose them for sports . And which ones can be practiced in its waters? What areas are the most suitable for each sporting activity?


Surfing is one of the star sports of the Canary Islands, especially in the winter . A time when they became one of the most popular destinations in Europe. The advantage of its waters is that it allows the practice of this activity regardless of the level you have.

For example, for beginners, one of the best options is Fuerteventura and the Corralejo area, which has easy beaches, although it is true that you must be careful with the reefs, rocky breakers and sea urchins.

Also in Gran Canaria , there are alternatives such as Maspalomas beach to enjoy this sport, as well as Arietta, El Muelle and El Quemao, which are other places highly chosen by surfers.

Canary Islands
El Médano, in Tenerife, is another good option because there you can enjoy excellent waves . It is an area where it is also possible to practice other water sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing , among others that also include rowing or kayaking . And if the chosen destination is Lanzarote, on this island the best choice for tube waves. The best destination is the Canarian pipe of Famara .

Kitesurf and windsurf

These sports are also widely practiced on these islands, especially in Fuerteventura . Beginners can head to the sandy beaches of this island such as Playa de Sotavento , although it is also an ideal point for the more experienced because there is the René Egli center and there the world championship has been held since 1986.

Lanzarote is another of the best islands to practice these sports. And where to go? The best options are located in Costa Teguise , La Santa and Famara . They are destinations that are especially suitable for the summer months, which is the time when the winds are strongest, although the waves are bigger in winter.

Diving and freediving

The Canary Islands are a good destination for other sports such as diving and freediving. There are several options in this case that can be chosen within this archipelago in which the sea temperature is at 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year, which makes it the destination of choice for many people, especially in winter.

The truth is that they are two sports that can be practiced in any of the Canary Islands because they are located deep in the Atlantic , which contributes to increasing their interest in these sports activities by being able to see a large number of marine animals near the coast of the islands. Also, they are a top 10 destination to see migratory manta rays, sea turtles, or angel sharks .


And another sport that can be practiced in the Canary Islands is kayaking, but in this case it is done in the sea. The proposals are diverse, being able to choose between the southeast of Tenerife , near Los Cristianos , to also see dolphins and sea turtles while doing this sport.

Another option is to go to the gigantic volcanic cliffs of Los Gigantes or take a route through the secret caves of the island of La Palma . The Gran Tarajal in Fuerteventura or Maspalomas in Gran Canaria are other proposals to which is added the Papagayo beach in Lanzarote where it is possible to combine sea kayaking with snorkeling.