Mauritius: a paradise for water sports

Mauritius is one of the paradises on Earth. Actually, this tropical island , known for its magnificent landscapes and its paradisiacal beaches , can be known in many ways. Obviously, it is an ideal place to rest and enjoy a unique environment, as well as being able to make various excursions to visit its main tourist attractions. And, of course, there is the gastronomy. However, the island offers many other secrets and ways to enjoy. One of them is through water sports . And if. Mauritius is also a paradise for lovers of this type of sporting activity. But what can be done there?

Scuba diving

The water sports that can be done in Mauritius are diverse. But one of the most important and best suited to get to know the island better and not only enjoy the sporting experience is scuba diving .

And it is that, in these landscapes and beaches of great beauty and somewhat spectacular for its typical turquoise blue color , there is also a very rich and unequaled marine flora and fauna. For example, the great variety of marine species stands out – they are estimated at more than 430-, and the more than 200 different corals that are characterized by their great color and by surrounding the entire island forming a ring around it. Of course, only the seabed is already an unparalleled spectacle.

For the more adventurous, there are the wrecks , some of which are accessible , the diver being able to go inside to see these remains of sunken and abandoned ships or boats. These visits are more common on the north coast of the island.

Scuba diving is a practice that, in addition, in Mauritius, can be practiced from different levels , being possible to start diving or go deeper into the sea if you already have more experience in diving.

It is also possible to snorkel because the waters are very clear throughout the year, thus facilitating visibility, even at deeper distances.

Among the best spots for scuba diving are those located on the north and west coasts of the island. To reach them, you have to do a short route, the navigation lasting about 20 minutes.

Other water sports

Mauritius is an island that offers even more possibilities to enjoy water sports. For example, within them are all the practices related to boats , being possible to rent boats to explore the surroundings of the island and appreciate its coastline from inside the sea.

Of course, you can also practice other sports such as sailing or water skiing and fishing in the areas enabled for this. The clear and quite calm waters in some areas make it easier to enjoy paddle surfing , being an ideal combination to be able to exercise while seeing the bottom of the area that is covered thanks to the crystal clear waters.

And, for lovers of surfing and its different disciplines, Mauritius is another island that becomes an ideal destination. It is true that the largest waves in the world are not produced in this area and that they do not have much force even if it is windy, but it does allow them to be practiced in many parts of the island and, even, in other modalities such as windsurfing – it is ideal Do it in the area of ​​Belle Mare or Le Morne-, or kitesurfing , being preferable to practice this last discipline in the winter and in the place known as One Eye.

These are some of the options offered through the various companies that are on the island, in turn being possible to hire these activities at the hotels’ own resorts . Without a doubt, a different way of getting to know this island.

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