Special hotels

Today we want to present you hotels with a special charm, hotels that stand out for being original, not for the luxury they may have or not have. We have selected 4 stays from different countries that will surely not leave you indifferent. They are as follows:

Langholmen is a former prison located in Stockholm . There, the cells passed away from the 90s to become one of the most comfortable hotels in Sweden. What the prisoners would have given to find themselves in a room like the one there is now… Inside, we can see a multitude of photos of the people who spent their sentence there in a mini museum that they have created for the occasion.


For bull lovers we have reserved another special hotel for you. It is an old bullring located in Mexico that has become the Quinta Real Zacatecas hotel , a luxury resort. Almost all the rooms have a terrace that opens onto the old bullring.

Quinta Real Zacatecas

If you like the sea a lot, what you have to do is spend your holidays in a hotel set up on a ship in the port of Harlingen (Holland) . This floating hotel allows you to make excursions by the sea without any problem and with all the comfort in the world.

Harlingen Floating Hotel

Finally, we traveled to Yachats , in Oregon (United States), to tell you about the Heceta Head Lighthouse , a hotel founded in 1894 and which was the home of the lighthouse keepers . It has spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean .

lighthouse keeper
Heceta Head Lighthouse