Swim with sharks in the Riviera Maya

In the Riviera Maya you can find an excellent combination of natural, historical and cultural environments. Famous for being a relaxing destination thanks to its multiple hotel complexes, you can also discover a large part of Mexico’s history in many of its landscapes, as well as doing very interesting activities.

Almost all the most recommended activities in the Riviera Maya have to do with nature or animals, and today I would like to recommend one that is perfect for adventurers without fear of anything. It is about diving with sharks , a perfect opportunity to enjoy the proximity of these kings and rulers of the sea. Without a doubt an extreme activity that is not suitable for everyone.

In Xcaret Park , a spectacular natural wonder, swimming with sharks is one of the most requested activities, and you can also do it with dolphins and a lot of marine species. Thanks to this activity you will be able to be in full contact with the natural habitat of sharks, a very exciting activity that you will surely not forget in your life.

The activity is basically done to feed the sharks and is divided into 3 stages of a total of 45 minutes. In the first one, they give you a small diving course so that you have basic notions if you are not a diver and so that you know how to get in contact with sharks, what movements to do, etc. In the second stage you already come into contact with the sharks, entering and leaving the pond several times so that you can earn their trust and they yours, something very important since they have to see that you have security and no fear.

Finally, there comes the stage that you will not forget in your life, that of swimming with them to feed them , always following the instructions of the monitors and without any risk. The dive is done with a complete equipment with everything you need to be under water. At the end, a relaxation technique is done to be able to loosen the nerves after such an exciting activity.

If you want to dare to swim with sharks, Xcaret Park organizes excursions from tourist places like Cancun, and it is open from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. A whole day in which you can not only be with the sharks but also enjoy a bath with various marine species or enter a jungle. There are several restaurants where you can make any of the meals of the day.