Ten natural paradises in Spain to enjoy by boat

The boat is always associated with summer . It is a time of year when not only cruises are made, but many people take the opportunity to take their own boats or rent yachts, sailboats … to live unforgettable days. It is an option that allows you to enjoy landscapes and natural environments that would be impossible to glimpse and reach by any other means. In Spain, there are several environments that are true paradises . Do you want to know what they are? Here we make some proposals to travel the peninsular coast.


Galicia is one of the autonomous regions within Spain with the most destinations on this list of proposals. One of the options is the Mi Señora cove , which is in the town of Cedeira, in A Coruña, and near the Punta Robaleira lighthouse. It is a place with calm waters and golden sand, which is ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature.

Also in Galicia, but in this case in Pontevedra, in the Cíes Islands, is the Rodas beach , which is characterized by its unique flora and fauna. It is also one of the areas with the best scenery, which can only be enjoyed by boat. There is no other way to get there.


In Catalonia, the province of Gerona is the one that concentrates the main coves and beaches only accessible by boat. Among the best options is L’Estartit with Cala Ferriol , which is small, measuring 25 meters long and 45 meters wide. One of its greatest attractions is the pine forest that surrounds it. Besides, it is not a very crowded destination, which makes it even more interesting to make a visit or stop and enjoy a good swim in its crystal clear waters.

Also in Gerona, but between the towns of Tossa de Mar and San Feliu, you can find Cala Futadera , which is popularly known as “the cove of 300 steps”. This place offers impressive views. And it is a wonder to see the contrast of the turquoise waters with the green of the surrounding trees and the pink tone of the rocks in the area.


Other communities like Andalusia are also attractive. For example, in Almería, there is the Cala de San Pedro , which is located in the Cabo de Gata natural park. Although it is possible to reach it on foot from the beaches of Las Negras, the truth is that the road is long. In addition, on the boat, the landscape is better observed. This cove is characterized by its turquoise waters and fine sand distributed over its 250 meters. Another of its advantages is that it is an ideal destination to observe marine life and practice activities such as diving.

In the province of Malaga, near the town of Nerja, is the Cala del Pino , which is considered one of the most idyllic in Spain due to its fine sand and its division into two small beaches within an environment of cliffs and small caves. The waters are crystal clear and calm, which facilitates navigation and diving. It is also a place where you have to stop to observe its endemic flora, which is of high ecological value.

Valencian Community

And the list of proposals closes with the Valencian Community. And here you head to Alicante to get to Cala Dels Testos , which is a destination that is also characterized by being little crowded. This place is very striking and surprising because it is a beach that is nestled in a natural environment that is situated between two vertical stone walls.

These are just some options that can be taken into account to visit other areas by boat and avoid the most crowded places and mass tourism.